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Product number: 600284
Product information "WTC2110"
Passive Car Kit for MOTOROLA radio MXP600.
Usable with original batteries.

General Description

The passive Car Kit is small and compact. It provides the functions of fast charge and trickle charge for your radio in the vehicle.
The active function is displayed by the two LED.
The radio is locked by a push mechanism at the top of the Car Kit.
The Car Kit is connected to the on-board power supply.

Scope of Delivery

1x WTC2110
1x DC Cable [800023]
1x Mounting Bracket [800584]
1x Cable tie [700113]
4x Screw [800025] 

Product type: Passiv
Radio manufacturer: MOTOROLA
Radio: MXP600

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Mounting Bracket for WTC621, WTC672, WTC1703, WTC1803, WTC1902, WTC2110, WTC2111
The WeTech mounting bracket is used to attach the Car Kit. The inclination of the cradle can be adjusted through the lateral slotted holes.