Complaint procedure

What can you do if your Car Kit is not working?

We would be happy to help you correct the possible error.

In the first step we ask you to go through the possible sources of error (you will find below) in order to narrow down the error as much as possible. If the information does not help please fill out the complaint registration form and enclose it with your shipment.

Sent the complaint to

        Wempe Elektronic GmbH

        Reklamationen / Complaints

        Leinenweberstr. 6

        36251 Bad Hersfeld


Generally you can send in defective products at any time with the request to repair. Checking them before makes troubleshooting a lot easier and may mean that it is not required to send it.

If you incur costs for the repair (for example beyond the warranty period), we will send you a cost estimate after error checking. With your approval the product will be repaired otherwise we will send the defective product back to you or scrap it if you wish.

Best Regards

Your WeTech-Team

Possible error sources with Car Kits

Please check the following points in the order given

Complaint Registration Form